Monday 27th March 2017 saw the gazettal of the altered residential zones in Victoria, via Amendment VC110. The amendment primarily affects the General Residential Zone (GRZ) and Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ), with minor changes to the Residential Growth Zone (RGZ). Background information on the review, including the Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee and State of Play R

An extensive review of the residential zoning implemented across the suburbs of Melbourne has confirmed what many had expected; the inner north region is designated for far more development than the inner east suburbs. The Managing Residential Development Taskforce (the Taskforce) is an independent expert group which have prepared the Residential Zones State of Play reports. Approximately 23%

The State Government have recently announced plans to form a new committee to oversee an overhaul of planning policy along the Yarra River. The proposed policy will apply to a 240 Kilometre stretch along the river between Richmond and Warrandyte. According to The Minister for Planning the new Yarra River Protection Ministerial Advisory Committee will facilitate consultation and draft the new

Environmentally Sustainable Design or ESD as it is referred to in the industry is an important element of town planning which is becoming more prevalent at permit application stage. ESD seeks to achieve the most sustainable building design possible through reduced embodied energy, stormwater management, passive design  and reduced energy loading, amongst other techniques. Within the Melbour

On September 10 2015 the Planning Minister approved Moreland City Council's Development Contribution Plan Overlay. The Development Contribution Plan (DCP) covers the entire municipality, with different rates applied to the various suburbs. This new levy is applied developments proposing to increase the number of dwellings on a site or increase leasable commercial or industrial floor area and i

On Saturday 5 September 2015, the Planning Minister Richard Wynne announced new regulations for high rise development in Melbourne's CBD. An interim policy is in place for the next 12 months which will regulate height and plot ratios, with an emphasis on increased open space areas as a trade off for an increase in floors. The Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has said that "there hasn’t