Advice & Strategic Planning

URC Planning have extensive experience interpretating, reviewing and providing recommendations in respect of legislation and policy.

We work with developers, architects, land owners, residents, community groups and Government. Whatever your planning enquiry may be, URC Planning will have an answer.

Obtaining the correct professional advice and strategic representation at the start of the planning process is an essential step to reaching your desired outcome.

For further information regarding the advice provided by URC Planning please follow through to our contact page and get in touch.

- Site Selection / Feasibility

- Planning Scheme Amendments

- Development Permit Process

- Policy Interpretation

- Council Expectations

- Achievable Outcomes

- Sustainable Design

- Development Contributions

- Mediation / Conflict Resolution

- Strategic Planning

- Government Policy

- Intrusive Development

- Planning Scheme Amendments

- Inappropriate Uses

- Council Policy

- Development Process

- Strategic Representation

- Mediation / Conflict Resolution

- Policy Advice / Interpretation

- Planning Scheme Amendments

- Mediation / Dispute Resolution

Start off on the right path with the correct advice and knowledge to ensure you reach your desired destination.

Neil provided expert assistance to a non-profit organisation and was instrumental in achieving significant change with a positive result for all parties. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil’s professional services nor his interpersonal skills.

- David Flynn, Director Irish Surfing Association